The lustrum has several supporting committees. On this page you can read what they do to make this lustrum unforgettable!

Evaluation Committee:

The Evaluation Committee, or in short the EvaCie, is a advisory committee for the Lustrum Committee. The EvaCie gives advice on how activities could be better organized or how tasks done by the Lustrum Committee can be changed in order to be more efficient. The EvaCie also checks the committee if everything is done correct and no mistakes are made.

Lustrum Gala:

During the 7th Lustrum of Intermate a lot of activities are being organized. On the actual birthday of Intermate, Friday the 16th of November, the lustrum gala will take place. With a lot of enthusiasm this year’s Lustrum Gala committee will make sure that every member of Intermate will experience an unforgettable evening (or perhaps not) at a beautiful location with some nice drinks and great music. And where there is music, there is dancing! Not to worry if you can’t dance, you will learn it during some dance workshops. But of course, there is a lot more to a gala and so some more (promotional) activities will take place in the run up to the lustrum gala. So make sure to put on your fanciest clothes on the evening of the 16th of November, because you don’t want to miss this wonderful evening!

Lustrum Book:

The Lustrum book is comparable to the Smobo, but instead of focusing only on our beautiful sjaarsjes, the Lustrum book highlights what has happened at Intermate over the past 5 years. Think about pieces about the past 5 boards or pieces written by faculty members. However, this sub-committee is a real outlet for all the hidden creativity at Intermate, so if you think you can contribute and if you want to have a say about what will be in the book, make sure to subscribe! You can reach this committee here

Lustrum Congress:

The Congress Committee is responsible for the organization of Intermate’s very first congress. This is done as a part of the VII Lustrum celebrations, On Tuesday November 20th, 2018. The Intermate Congress is a moment for students and alumni to connect with companies that recognize and value the unique skills and competences of our students. Big and small businesses are given the chance to present themselves to the students and inspire them to become the innovators of the future.